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Our Product and Services

Chilled Water System
Chilled Water Systems are used to supply cold water to different commercial and residential structures to meet chilling water demands of air handling unit and fan coiling unit. These systems are energy efficient and have standard safety features.
Refrigeration Plant
Refrigeration Plants have extensive applications in dairy, beverage and ice making industries. These plants use Eco-friendly grade refrigerants for preservation of stored items for long period. Emission free mechanism is one of their main aspects.

Turnkey Projects
Turnkey Projects offered by us include manufacturing of plants for dairy industry, brewery units etc. Plants manufactured as part of our projects have all the necessary facilities that are needed for high output in various industries. 

Pump Feed Ammonia Deep Freezer System
Industrial Pump Feed Ammonia Deep Freezer Systems are required for promoting fast dissipation of heat from storage tanks and fermentation vessels of industrial structures. Available in different models, these deep freezer systems have standard safety features.

Reciprocating Compressor Condensing Unit
Industrial Reciprocating Compressor Condensing Units are acknowledged for their advanced mechanism and long service life.  Available in various capacities, these condensing units have heavy duty look. We offer these condensing units at reasonable price.

Convertible System
Industrial grade Convertible Systems For Deep Freezer act as cooler and also as refrigerator when their temperature is adjusted toa specific range. These systems can maintain constant low temperature to preserve freshness of stored items. 

Refrigeration Pressure Vessels
Industrial Refrigeration Pressure Vessels are notable for their heavy duty look. These are used for storage of industrial gases under specific pressure range. Made of high strength stainless steel, these pressure vessels are offered with hot dip galvanized surface.

Screw Compressor
Industrial Screw Compressors are used to handle heat from one place to the other by using mechanical energy. High structural strength, heavy duty look, compact shape and long working life are the key aspects of these compressors.

Evaporative Condenser
Available in different sizes, Industrial Evaporative Condensers are used for refrigeration purpose. These precision engineered condensing units are managed by vertically fitted motor that can be adjusted for its flexible parameters. Housing of these condensers is hot dip galvanized to avoid corrosion formation.